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dose anybody have a pen gun that is affective and still looks like a pen? Answered

we realize we are a ding breed, but we are looking for a good way to shoot small stuff out of a pen or pencil without looking suspicious beforehand.  like a spy thing or something like that, we like cheep and we can do complex.  any answers are appreciated



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9 years ago

well i guess you could make it like i small bb gun or air-soft gun. take a very strong and resistant spring, take a syringe, now this still may require a big pen but i think it will work. take the plunger of the syringe(the rubber piece that keeps air in or out, then place the spring behind that plunger. have a lever like trigger so when you press the button the levr allows the spring to move the plunger forword therfore allowing air to push the projectile out. if you think that i need to clearify anything just tell me. i check my email twice a day.