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dose metal explode when you put it in the micro wave? Answered

I want to temper my home made steel knife in the micro wave as my oven is currently out of action.
Will the metal just heat up or will it explode???
Will it heat up to fast and cause to much pressure on the steel resulting in a crack or a warped knife???
Should i heat up the knife with a blow torch first??? 
Are there any good ways of doing this???

Please help me!!!



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Best Answer 10 years ago

No, it shouldn't explode. In fact it probably won't do much of anything at all.

Microwave manufacturers tell you not to use metal because there's a risk of arcing if the metal almost-but-not-quite forms a circuit. . But in fact, the microwave's inner chamber is itself sheet metal. I have a physicist friend who routinely tosses steel mixing bowls into the microwave with no adverse effects.