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ds lite connecting to a pc through wifi? Answered

Hi, I'm wondering if you can connect a ds lite to a computer (pc or linux) through wifi.  When I put the ds lite in pictochat mode, and refresh the wifi connections on the computer, it comes up with "Other Network".  When I click on "Other Network" it asks for an ssid.  I have tried a couple things, like Chat Room A, and stuff like that, but it doesn't work.  Any ideas?  And is this even possible?  Thanks in advance. :D



8 years ago

The SSID is the name of your wireless LAN which you have set on your wireless router.  If you  haven't set it then it will have a default name. 
ISTR that the DS Lite can only cope with WEP encryption so if you've got WPA or WPA2 set then it's not going to connect.


Answer 8 years ago

ok, when I put my ds lite in pictochat mode, and look for wireless networks on a laptop, a new network comes up, which i think is the ds lite, so i'm wondering if it is possible to connect to the ds lite. thanks :]