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(dual extruder Nozzle alignment fix Answered

Don't know if anyone actually has similar problems or if it is just me again...
Anyway... :

I had a bad block in one of my nozzles and no trick was able to free it.
Only option left was a full teardown, burning out the nozzle and cleaning it all before assembling.
But of course what followed next can also happen if you just took or a nozzle off or replaced it for a different diameter.

I did the bed leveling and noticed that suddenly the cleaned nozzle was slightly lower than the other nozzle.
And I did not even tighten it up yet as I was waiting for heating up to finnish.
Wasn't much of a difference, just enough to be noticable during the leveling.
Printed fine until I tried a lower layer height :(
Printing with the lower nozzle was fine.
Printing with the higher nozzle and the lower one would in some places bump into the printed layer.
If you had this happen to you then you know it only gets worse from there.

Won't bother you with the long story of failed attempts to get both nozzle really at the same height...

I cleaned the outside of bothe nozzles, heated them up and retracted the filament so there won't be any oozing onto the clean nozzles.
Once cooled down I used a sheet of fine (1000 grit) sandpaper for the "leveling".
With just a tiny bit pof pressure (adjusting the bed screws) I started to sand down the lower nozzle.
Once the paper started to touch the higher one I had a look and continued until I had a clean and flat finnish on both nozzles.
A it of polishing compound onto a business card and as before I used it to polish the nozzles during a fake bed level operation.

Why didn't I do this earlier?
The prints come out now with a surface finnish better than ever before.
And how would have though that 20 odd kg of filament would take a toll on a nozzle? ;)


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