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ePub download Answered

I click on the yellow button to download an ePub and it takes me to a page describing the ePub, but not the ePub itself. How can I download the ePub?



8 years ago

I've attached three images of what it looks like when I try to download a random epub. Which step isn't working for you? What operating system and web browser are you using?

You might try clearing out your cache in case there's some weirdness there affecting things.


Reply 8 years ago

I should probably mention that those images are in order...

Top left first - I clicked Doanload the eBook button
-which took me to

Top right - where I clicked Download ePub button
-which caused

Bottom right - pop up window asking to save epub file.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks. I'm using Windows7 with IE9 and FF4. I get the same on both. In the first image I see and click the Download the eBook button. That takes me to the second image, but no yellow buttons for Download PDF or Download ePub. I'm guessing that this is a permissions issue with my lack of PRO status. I know that to be the case with the PDF and assume it is the same with the ePub, but I haven't seen anything about ePubs and PRO status as I have with PDFs.

Oh well. Thanks anyway.


Reply 8 years ago

Sorry for the delayed response, I had a very witty, well thought out response here Tuesday, but for whatever reason when I clicked "post comment" it just vanished into the ether. I was sad and had to log off for a while.

...but now I'm back! So..

A couple of things! First, you are correct, you do need to be pro (I'm fairly certain) to download epubs. I'm going to double check on this and get it added to the list of pro features. However, you may still be able to download some when they're first created. I know that on new instructables, or recently featured ones, everyone can download pdfs, not just pro (or, at least that was true 6 months ago).

I realize you're using IE9 and FF4, but this is very reminiscent of a recent thread about FF4 issues which you can read about here.  There's also a little extra bit about it here (not sure if the pictures in the comments of that second link are closer to what you're seeing...but if it is, we might be getting a little closer to figuring out what's wrong).

Sorry for the troubles, I'm going to look into things on our end, please check things on yours and let me know if you discover that it works somewhere and not other places, or a different browser is giving you different visuals.  Thanks!


Reply 8 years ago

Alright, I spent a little more time with it, logged in as different user types. It looks as if you need to be pro in order to download the epub or pdf associated with the eBooks. I've attached a picture of what it should look like, and how it should respond, if your logged in regularly and click the links on the eBook page.

Picture 5.png