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electoniv safe reprogramming? Answered

have a safe that I can open with a key but the programming has gone to pot I would like to re program it . It does not have a reset button? If you remove the batteries it still remembers the old code. You cannot take out the key if the safe is open. It has two codes one is the master code. I don't know either code. can anyone help? The only instructions I have are in French. and it does not tell me how can I cancel the codes.



10 years ago

If it was easy to tamper with, it wouldn't be much of a safe... The answer really depends on the exact make and model. You can try contacting the manufacturer; if you have the serial mumber and you sent in the warranty card, they may be willing to give you instructions for a factory reset.. If not, try your local locksmiths; they have relationships with manufacturers that the average consumer doesn't, and can sometimes obtain information on that basis that you can't get access to.