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electric car Answered

ok i want to build an electric hybrid system my first question is ac or dc power. i want to build a paralleled drive system. that uses the stock motor to drive on the highway with maybe a little help from the electric motors. here are my thoughts start with a f250 powerstroke diesel crew cab truck, install a divorced t case and new drive shaft, hook the electric motor to the t case front axle output. the goal is to use the space by the tool boxes to fit the batteries and later update the alternator. the goal here is a hybrid that can still haul what a normal truck can but run purely on electricity when in town


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8 years ago

+1 DC is the answer. If you are going to deal with batteries you might as well generate direct current.  The only advantage of AC current is that it can travel long distances through the electrical grid.
Now, hybrid vehicles are not necessarily environmentally friendlier than regular vehicles. Hybrids are bought by individuals that would like to feel that they are doing something to reduce their carbon footprint. Electric vehicles require technicians to take precautions in dealing with higher electrical currents and the handling of toxic chemicals in batteries. Hybrids are not much better for the environment than electric cars or gasoline vehicles. Governments around the world have regulations that have forced automobile makers to produce efficient internal combustion engines and reduced exhaust emissions.