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electric kontiki - electronic fail safe Answered

has any one come up with and electronic fail safe - return to beach/ gps type system for the electric fishing kontiki's that we have here in Newzealand - and i am sure every where else...

currently i understand the only controls available are timed engine run to get it to the desired distance off the shore, and the latests ones have gps correction for tides and surf out to a way point, the trouble is when the long line anchored on the beach becomes separated from the unit ( and the commercial ones are freaking expensive) you have just lost it...

surely with the wizardry of electronics and the people that hang out here some one can create a system even better if its gps waypoint based ( beach) that on separation of the long line will automatically turn that hardware around and send it back to the beach, to some where near where it set off from?


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