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electronic magnet that produces enough force to lift weight Answered

you have an unlimited power source. now is it possible to create enough force at the right "degree" that would be repelled by the earth instead of attracted.. so like a floating magnet. but its strong enough to lift large objects..... like maybe a human?



8 years ago

It's gravity that keeps things on the ground, not magnetism.



8 years ago

Not "repelled." The Earth's magnetic field at the surface is about one gauss (about 1/10,000 tesla), which isn't enough to do much of anything directly except make an extremely light-weight and perfectly balanced needle spin around.

You can trivially create a magnetic field strong enough to lift objects against gravity. Wrap some insulated wire around a short piece of rebar and connect the ends to a lantern battery. Voila!

If you want to lift a human being wearing some antique plate armor, you'll need a someone larger magnet, but nothing extraordinary.


8 years ago

Unfortunately the magnetic earth field is not intense enough to repel anything
but to deflect fast moving nuclear particles from space and shunt them to
the poles ( see the aurora borealis ).
Your concept would be viable if your unlimited Power magnet had an equally 
strong earth field to push against.
Another problem, your magnet if it floated would immediately flip over and
seek at high speed the earth pole ( see the Pic of Levitron ).
Finally, unless you live at the Poles the field flux lines are mostly horizontal
and not conducive for Up Down repulsion just North South as a compass
needle. . . . . . . . . . .    A

LevitronAnti-Gravity .png