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electronics and mechanics of a cnc machinecan? Answered

so can someone give me a basic rundown of how a cnc machines electronic and mechanical aspects works im just a bit confused and cant seem to find a source to give me information on the subject everyone seems to gloss over it, but if you have a website or pdf or anything that would help thatd be great too thanks in advance!



6 years ago

Historical perspective

CNC forum

As Iceng says the manual control is replaced by, usually, stepper motors-these are driven by software that reads a Computer aided design drawing turning the lines of the drawing into x and Y coordinates.

Such machines can be very accurate and repeat work over and over again.

The other advantage of the CNC machine is the speed with which it can cut material.

CAD drawing---->translated into CNC code -usually Gcode----> sent to lathe or mill etc to control the movement of the cutting head.

There are a number of instructables on how to do this .........>>> on the right.


Answer 6 years ago

AMATEUR machines are stepper driven. Professional machines use AC or DC servo drives.


6 years ago

All a CNC machine is say a lathe is all the hand operated controls are operated by a set of motors under control of a PC using a text or other script instruction language to have the machine put out hundreds of special screws each hour.

While a man could do this too he would go crazy repeating the same
actions every minute day in day out.

Some CNC need tedious text commands like go 0.005 in, go 0.007 right,
etc...  Some CNC record your actions and simply repeat them...