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epoxy bicycle lugs? Answered

has anyone tried epoxing steel lugs to make a bicycle frame? if so what type epoxy? thanks



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10 years ago

go for it.  try jbweld. just don't let anybody else ride it.

now, to be serious.  why not learn how to flow silver or bronze with a torch?  silver can be satisfactorily worked with oxy/propane, but of course oxy/acetylene gives you the most flexibility. 

this advice only applies if you are quite handy with tools and other shop critters such as hacksaws, files, and the like.

or try epoxy/hemp with bamboo.  ala calfee.  just don't think for a moment that either will be cheaper or half as good as what you can buy.  do you need custom geometry?  or are you making a chopper?  look up suzy's "littlefish" pages for an old "how i did it" write up.

the fastest and most economical route is to hire one of the thousand or so framebuilders roaming the wilds of the americas.  ask me how i know.

resources abound.  just dig a little. 

recap:  epoxy--great for carbon composites and other organics, but  lugs and steel need traditional joinery.  good luck either way, but please don't mix 'em.


11 years ago

Bad idea - too much pressure on that part - yry to design a mechanical fitting - e.g bolt the lug onto the frame.