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fabric glue and gore-tex? Answered

greetings all, I just aquired a rather expensive hat,

however, being the kind of person who reads instructables on a regular schedule, I want to improve it by adding several pieces of velcro, that I may attach various useful or decorative objects to it.

I don't wish to sew it because,
A: I'm terrible at sewing.
B: the hat has an inner lining, and I don't want to attach both layers together.

so this leaves glue, I was wondering if there were any experts on here with knowledge of fabrics and fabric glue.

what kinds are there?
what kind should I use?
will fabric glue makegore-tex melt? catch fire? acquire magic powers and cause amphibians to sing?


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2 years ago

Any updates on this so far? I am trying to do something similar :)


4 years ago

You can use silicon sealer or silicon glue on Gore-tex. Available in the plumbing dept at hardware stores. Works like a charm and excess can be removed w/vinegar while glue is still wet.


5 years ago

Hey, I can't tell when you asked this, but I'm researching this myself right now. I have heard of some super glues melting (like smoking and eating away) outdoor wear before, so I'd avoid any cyano-acrylate types. They are meant to erode things over time.

Apparently Aqua Seal is messy but highly effective. One hot trick is to sew your (Velcro) to a Gore-Tex repair patch, then stick the patch to the garment, as that adhesive is made for the job.