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fake prop rock crushed to powder Answered

I'm looking for something to make a crushable rock. I've seen in movies & series where a strong man would crush a rock, billiard ball or even a bolling ball. It was suggested "Flower Foam". Is their another name for this crush to powder like foam or, is there another type of stuff to make this crush to powder effect?



4 years ago

You can bake a cake too ;)
If you make a biscuit cake but add much more baking powder than recommended it becomes a really big sponge like thingy.

Bake it till is starts to go nice and brown on the outside but not too long so it goes rock hard.

You want the surface hard but the inside still a little bit soft.

Let cool and put the cake into a platic bag over night - this will distribute the reamaining moisture evenly.

Cut into desired shape and paint if necessary.

Another option is to make foam concrete in a very weak mix but this would require an air compressor and some testing to get bubble size and thickness of the mix right.

Also it woud be much harder to crush, can can be done by hand or smashing it on the floor.