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favorite classes Answered

whats your favorite custom class/gun?


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12 years ago

well this would be my normal set-up and my class configuration... Primary-P90(for rushing and great effects on pushing the other team in a building, if your playing search) secondary-Golden desert Eagle(for flashy show and funny lolshots, because its just hilarious to use on noobs) special-stun(to make sure you get that noob on a clear shot to victory) perk 1-bandolier(for when i really have great kill streaks, mainly 20's and 25's; plus its a damn life saver in hard core clan matches) perk 2- stopping power/sleight of hand(this is just for hardcore because when i rush i like to spray and pull back, then push on them some more to corner them into our respawn so the snipers can use our sucky team mates as bait and pick off all of the important players on the opposing teams, this term is also "Bag and Run" reffering to the point of killing, pulling back, kill some more, let snipers do the dirty dish washing; wash, rinse, repeat) perk 3-last stand/martyrdom(I use these to at least get a chance to kill the maggot that i have my sights set on and maybe rack in some other noobs to complete some challenges) and that is pretty much all i use, btw getting red tiger on a P90 is pretty hard yet quick once you get to digital.