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fiber reinforced concrete $$$ Answered

Online i can see that a 60 lb bag from quickcrete is about $5. ok. easy.  

Shipping----$20 to----$50----- ouch.

so .   where to find it?      gotta be someplace that has 1000s of lbs of it on the shelf, and sells it at 5 or 10 bucks.


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6 years ago

Just go to ebay to look for "concrete fibers". It comes in 1 lb packages pretty cheap, that's where I got mine because it is rare to see it on the shelf at home centers. Just add a handful/ an ounce or two to a sack of regular concrete mix. They look like pillow stuffing fibers which unravel and provide the reinforcement. Source your cement or concrete mix locally. You can also throw in a bottle of the acrylic admix if you want to really have some good concrete.