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filming the view finder (ground glass) Answered

Hello all,

I'm finishing up a project that I've been siting on for a while. I have always been intrigued by the strange dimensional space provided throuhg the old TLR viewfinders. I wanted to be able to film with that quality so I have built my own simple slr with a large view finder and am about to mount my 5d to it with a bellows in-between. I wanted to know if anyone on the message board had seen this done before or seen footage from a set up like this. I'll post pics and a link to vid footage once it the project is complete.


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9 years ago

I've never seen moving footage of that done - I've seen setups before, often using nothing more than a square tunnel made of card with black tape and matte black paper lining it and making it light proof *ish... I take it the bellows give you more flexibility in filming? The guy I've seen doing it most does have a lens on the camera as well so it's sounds like your setup is different. Post it, definitely, include a build process if you can, it sounds cool.