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filmy residue on healights? Answered

How do I remove the filmy residue from headlights?  I heard it was with toothpaste.



1 year ago

You can get special stuff for this task if you want to waste money.
Otherwise check your auto or hardware store for plastic polishing paste - Autosol makes a really good one.
The key with this stuff if to do it right, so no power tools please like a polishing machine!
The Autosol stuff works first in the wet stage by softening the surface so tiny cracks and dirt disappear easy.
When getting dry it starts the actual polishing with the soft abresives in there.
But if your lens already turned yellow you might need a special product that can deal with theoxidation of the plastic to remove the tint.
If done right the plastic will be so clean that water runs right off and that you can see your mirror image in it.
Great for screen protectors too.


Answer 1 year ago

Yeah, I tried the shortcut of using a polisher buff pad and it started melting the lens. They can't take any heat at all.


1 year ago

Same UV clouds the lenses in our eyes causing faded vision..

Regrettably I could not polish mine and had to replace them and resurface the corneas to provide 20/15 identical perfect color vision through each eye lens..

For close up a simple $3 pair of 1.5 dopter glasses is all that is necessary..


1 year ago

Some auto repair places also offer a headlight polishing service.

My current vehicle had the headlights sanded down in steps up to 1000 grit (I forget the exact number) and then taped off the area and spray painted with a clear topcoat that is UV resistant. The headlights shine well now.


1 year ago

The "film" is in fact a clouding of the plastic lense by tiny abrasions.

You can use any very find abrasive to repolish the lense.

Toothpaste iif it'sd not too bad, metal polish, plastic polish etc.