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fix xbox 360 open tray error? Answered

my xbox 360 recently got back from being fixed by microsoft i dropped it and broke the warrenty the shell popped off, two months later my xbox has this problem where it says open tray when i try to play a game how do i fix this



sick~o king

9 years ago

What I did was open my Xbox (only do this if you outside your warranty). There are videos on youtube if you need to help with that. Then remove your dvd drive, make sure your magnets are where they are suppose to be. There should be one on the spindle and one on the cover. Make sure they one the spindle is there. Then make sure the one on the cover moves and isn't wedged. Then if that is your problem put magnets where they are suppose to go and put everything back together. If it isn't check your spindle itself. In my case the spindle had gotten dirty and stopped spinning the disc. I took the spindle out and lubed it with machine oil and it worked for awhile but eventually the motor went out. (Note if you do this make sure to mark the position of the screws so you don't have too mess with trying to find the laser correct position) So I bought another dvd drive, you have to make sure the make and model are the same. Then I swapped boards from old to new and have not had a problem since. All together I believe I spent 25 bucks to fix it. I haven't had problem with it since and that has been more than a year now of heavy gaming. Also when you do get it fixed, you should downloading your games to you HD so you can play them, with our wearing your dvd drive. Also there are plenty of videos showing the steps for all of these fixes.