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fixed view 3d room posters Answered

I want a 3d scenic view in my room from a fixed position. To be more clear, i sit at a particular place in my room. From there i need a view (3d), say , as if im on the banks of a river. Is there a software which asks for the variables and transforms the picture or will i have to do it manually on picture editing softwares?


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6 years ago

For the 3d effect to work, you will need to isolate 2 different slightly offset views for each eye.  I.e. You'll probably need to either use glasses that either shutter or are polarized to make sure each eyes only receives it's image.  (Or run a divider through the room that you rest you nose against)

It is simple in concept, but the execution is tricky.  You can get the images by taking two photos separated by a distance perpendicular to your line of site. Print the photos big, slap a polarizing filter on each, and wear a corresponding filter over each eye. 

There is probably an easier way (like buying a 3d camera) but if I were going to try it, I'd build a rig to hold two digital cameras an adjustable distance side by side and take the pictures simultaneously.  Then I'd put a board going from  between the cameras to my nose to test the 3d. Once I was happy with the results, just do the scaling on the images based on how far I was sitting away... You would still have to polarize the images and your eyes.

See a much more complete discussion here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereoscopy