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fixing a laptop cable Answered

Hello all! Love this site. First time poster.

I have a problem with my laptop cable. It stopped working--I had to maneuver it into all sorts of strange positions to get it to charge my laptop. It finally refused my attempts by not charging at all.

So I did the least sensible thing possible and cut into it with wire cutters to see if it was a frayed cable that I could possibly just wrap with electrical tape. Because the adapter was real bendy, more bendy then usual. I thought something inside wasn't connecting right.

So now I have a really messed up laptop cable. There seems to be only one wire that extends from the adapter into the cord. I kinda cut into that too by mistake. At the end of the adapter there is a metal knob type thing, I don't know what its for but it doesn't really look like it connects to the cable.

Is it fixable? I have beginner soldering skills. I've looked at other laptop cord repair instructables, but I'm not even sure where to begin.

Thanks for any help!





7 years ago

You should upload pics of the damaged cor and adapter. There is piece that is looks like it is clamped around the power cord. It is a ferrite core to reduce the electrical interference eminating from the power cord. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out.