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flicker LED solar candle Answered

does anybody know what brand of LED candle uses a circuit board instead of a flicker LED or a simple flicker circuit so I can build the twinkling star jar?


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10 years ago

I think most of them use flickering LED's now. I have taken a few apart looking for the board as well. How ever I was able to find a kit at my local electronics store. Very easy to build, it is only two resistors and one 8 pin DIP chip. comes with a bright yellow LED but you can use any color you want. it has three modes switched by pressing the button, flickering, fading, and steady. but I believe adding you own switch that disconnects the battery it will save the mode. it has auto off after 5 hours and still runs off a watch battery. Its made by Velleman. MK167 electronic tealight candle. www.velleman-kit.com