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floating shoes? anyone? Answered

Shoes that are wearable in public, but allow you to stand on a calm body of water. Can this be done by DIY means?


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10 years ago

Archimedes' principle says to float a certain mass, you need to displace the volume of water that would weight that mass.  If you are 60 kilograms, you need to displace 60 litres of water- go go metric system!  60 litres is roughly 60 cartons of juice, or 60,000 sugar cubes (cubic centimetres).

If we call the area of the soles of your shoes 300 square centimetres each (30x10 cm or 12" by 4"), that would mean the combined area is 600 square centimetres.  To get the required volume these would have to be

60000 cm3 / 600 cm2 = 100 centimetres or 1 metre tall.  That's three feet four inches.

If you don't fancy wearing shoes that are as tall as a four-year-old child, they would have to be made larger to account for the diminished height. If the soles were going to be 10cm thick, they would need an area of

60000 / 10 = 6000 square centimetres.  This could be a square 77 centimetres to a side (that's about 2 feet 6 inches), or a different shape- as long as you keep the volume right.

If you want to be able to walk and navigate calm water, I suggest you get a coracle and carry that on your back.