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fusing plastic bags: can I use thicker &/or stiffer bags? Answered

I eat a lot of "pre-washed" & frozen produce, but those bags seem very different than the thin, almost filmy carriers, etc. I feel a little guilty throwng away these non-compostable bags (a few every week); but I'm also kind of scared of the fumes, so--rather than experiment blindly--would appreciate any guidance on whether this works, if you have experience with these other plastic types. Thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago

If the bags have a #2 or #4 recycling-triangle-number on them, they will be compatible with the #2 carrier bags. They also shouldn't be a problem fumes-wise.


10 years ago

Most grocery stores have a recycling bin for plastic bags. Bring your bags and pop them into the bin. I wouldn't worry about the fumes too much, they're generally the same material as your shopping bags (just thicker) so I think it'd be ok to try fusing, You might also consider moving back to fresh food or, even better, finding a local farmer's market. I also suggest you stay away from "pre-washed," it's a waste of money because most of those products aren't really clean and need to be washed again before you use them. In both cases, I think you'll reduce your waste significantly. Cutting back on the frozen foods might even save you money.