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gET RID OF wINDOWS 8? Answered

Sorry for the damn caps-lock!

My sister bought a laptop- after many years of my urgings and advise...(Compaq CQ58).

Nice machine, but the damn thing is loaded with windows 8. (no, not -pro!)

Normally, I would format the drive, en subsequently install pirated Windows 7!

But in this environment, nothing works, and nothing is what it seems!

How to format the W8 Drive? I want to get rid of the W8 installation, wipe the drive clean, and install W7!

Windows 8 has, for me, in 2 occasions, proven to be a burden, incompatible with performing any real work,. Many pirated programs, always performing fine, suddenly present huge problems-like deadlines of 30 days appearing: after years of use!!!

It has a mind of its own: screens popping up (unable to click it away!).

I never needed 'apps' and still have no idea what they are and why I would need them!

After this very negative experience, there is only 1 desire: Get rid of windows 8!!!  How???


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8 years ago

1: Buy upgrade to Win8Pro,then downgrade to Win7.
2:Wipe HD using GParted which is free, then install Win7( worries about Driver compatibility are unfounded)
3: Install Win7 along side Win8 as DualBoot
4: Install Ubuntu Linux 12.10
5: Download third party applications that disable Metro,CharmsBar,HotCorners and add the Start button so you can boot straight to the Win8 desktop( which is identical to the one in Win7).
Can't think of anymore viable options

Good Luck


8 years ago

I am the LEAST "tech" person on the planet but I too purchased a laptop (Samsung) recently that only has Windows8. And I now have EIGHTHATE. IT IS curable I understand.

Heres what I understand:
You can get BestBuy to do it for you--at a COST. The laptop I got was $369 and they wanted--sit down please!--$200 to take Win8 OFF and put Win7 ON; then a FURTHER $200 for labor. So---I declined ---not spending MORE than I paid for the machine to get old tech!

A friend who repairs and programs professionaly (as in--gets an actual paycheck every week for!) does this for $200--he has to go buy the Win7 as I gather this is not a free program even now.

OR there are some newer ways to do this; one I think is from OLDTECH.com (or do a google) Some are free

I think that at TECHGUYLABS.com they have info on this too.

I am waiting for the "Tech Support Team" here--ie husband or any random kid--to actually DO this workaround for me as I would be sure to fry the thing. Which at least would solve the annoying EIGHTHATE.

Heres the thing--I only DO about 3 things with a laptop. I do email. I do ebay--both as a seller and a buyer so I NEED to do pictures. This is not nearly as easy as it used to be. And I do the occasional Youtube or google search. I am NOT asking this thing to launch rockets to Mars.

The "charms" of Eight are lost on me--whenever you move your pointer to the SIDE you get--something completely different than what you WERE doing---and often you can no longer get BACK to what you were working on. It seems like every day I have to "update" this--geeze the thing is only a month old! How MANY "updates" can it NEED! The screen changes all the time; the info you get is different everytime; you have to almost constantly be touching the pad to keep the screen on--and it has NO SCROLL!!!!! Nope--none! Fingers with neuro issues--not happy with this! Now as I said--I am not a tecchie so I don't know how much of this is the actual physical laptop or the program--and I am sure my kids could tell you more of that it is that I am seeing that I DON'T like. I know it also came with some sort of SECURITY system that has blocked access for tons of things that ya know--if I have been there 100 times and NOT gotten a virus etc--it is prob safe to go there NOW. But--no.

And can we chat? I hate hate HATE the auto pic of Seattle that comes up EVERY time I try and get onto the laptop--AND I hate having to SIGN IN every 5 minutes if I walk away for more than 30 seconds! I feel like this is Big Brother in a Big Way--again--I dunno if this is 8 or not.

But as far as the function--a LOT of things don;t work the way I am used to--if they work at all. The cutsie looking "charms"--well--they hold no charm for ME!!!!


8 years ago

Silly question besides the point: You are viewing it automatically in a negative light because it's not the same as before - you never HAD any use for win-8 apps because you didn't HAVE win-8 apps.

There are plenty of solutions to make win-8 act visibly like 7 including defaulting to the desktop view and reinstalling a start button; and it will soon be a requirement for many new games to run the newest version(s) of directX etc.

As Vyger says - you format a drive from OUTSIDE the operating system, with an install disk or usb thumb drive installer that boots from the bios directly - that win-7 installer will have the power to obliterate any built-in operating system.


8 years ago

There are a number of possibilities. You might be able to delete the drive by booting from a Win XP cd and running the repair consul and then run Fdisk. I could see it giving you trouble though.
A better way is to download a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and use the disk utilities in that to clear the hard drive.
I use Acronis software (paid for, sorry) to manage disks because it works so good. It has a drive shredder that will erase and overwrite a drive to totally clean it of everything. You should buy a copy, its a very good program.
Now for the problem part --- Some of the new notebooks have new hardware that does not have drivers other than windows 8. I know of one case in particular where they deleted Win 8 and tried to install Win 7 and they could not get it to run correctly because so many drivers were missing. And the notebook Manufacturer did not have drivers for anything other than Win 8 hardware.  You might be better off to sell the notebook on E bay to get your money back and then buying what you actually want.