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getting money sooner? Answered

I'm trying to save up for a puppy, and i need a TON of money, of course, if i want to make SURE I can take good care of it. I'm told i will need maybe 3 or 4 years before I have enough, i want at LEAST $4,050 before i feel safe getting one, anyway, (some of it is for in case of an emergancey) I am getting a shelter dog, of course, and I KNOW all that stuff about "big responsibility" trust me, i am doing a ton of research on this, and i have a rodent, too. I am looking for a way to earn money FAST, and it cant be proffesional, or "adult's"  jobs, im only 13, so i can't, and no pet sitting or baby sitting, can anyone tell me any crafts or something like that that I can make and sell?
Serious answers please,
Thank you



5 years ago

$4050 to take care of a dog?

I used to work in a vet clinic.

Prices for the mandatory vaccines will run about $75 bucks total.
microchip should only run about $15, and thats a one time fee.

Neuter/Spay can run between $40 and $120, and thats a one time thing too that you can get cheap done at a doggy birth control center.

So basically after neuter/spay and microchip you only have to buy vaccines every year/ 3 years.

Anything serious and the dog should be put down. And thats about $15 bucks.


5 years ago

you dont need 4,000 dollars well actally it depends on what kind but any ways lawn and garden care or sell some eggs