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getting out of this rubbish Answered

I want toget out. There are no options for unsubscribe available. I do not understand why. I was looking for something about animation instruction and got caught up wih this I am 68 and donot have time nor inclination to become involved with this stuff. Please get me out. I read a notice there somewhere where someone else wanted out and couldn't. If another comment is valid thn the company is dishonest. That is that they want the site to increase and that seems to be why nobody is able to unsubscribe. I hope he as wrong. Could someone somewhere get me unregistered from "Instructables."
Alan G Buckingham


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10 years ago

Your problem is that you've signed-up to a site that automatically sends you e-mails?
Be careful what you sign up for on the internet, and be glad you didn't accidentally authorise a paid-membership to be debited from your account.

Today, go to your page:
Click the Settings tab
Then Email Alerts
Untick all of them
Or to be really sure click Change Email and change it.



10 years ago

Mr Buckingham,

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Please remember that your membership is costing you nothing, so no dishonesty is involved.

If you are interested in animation, then click here.  As for being "caught up", what is so bad about that?  I came here looking for information on jet engines.  That was five years ago, and I only ever made a couple.  Instead, I have made and published over a hundred other projects, and gotten involved in a vibrant, welcoming international community.

If you really want to leave, you need to send a message to one of the admin staff, but I hope instead you choose to retain your membership, with access to some of the most creative, constructive people on the planet.