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getting started Answered

hi,every body its my first post here .
i like this site a lot .i want to say that i have to do a project soon but i don't know what to do
am good at programming with microcontroller  but  i was surpresid that no one here use it i mean you use ready things and hacked ones.
could any one help me to choose a good project

i want also to ask about the charging .if i want to make a charger for many things i saw some project in this site from usb port to charge a mobile you calculate the voltage but the current>???? i mean this will not burn the mobile or anything how do you ensure that the current is suitable?

i want also to ask about the solar cell?how we can create it from scratch or where can i find a ready one?if i don't want to buy it

thanx sorry about my bad english


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11 years ago

Lots of people use microcontrollers, they tend to tag with arduino or picaxe. If you click either you'll be in "search mode" - pop your keywords - "USB charger" and "solar cell" in there.