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glass desk piece led mod help Answered

I found a small eagle scout glass desk piece with a black base. I'm gonna buy one and put small LED lights and a battery in the base.  I need a little help with what to do with the circuit.

I have some 18650, 18650 holders, copper wire, and some down time.

Should I go straight for 3.6/3.7v 18650, or should I use standard 1.5v cells?

I want to do purple (my school color). Would it look better to use UV instead of regular purple?

Where should I buy a bunch of little led? Online or in store?

If I want to sand a pattern on the sides of the glass cube, what's the best way to go about doing that?




5 years ago

The power supply should be checked by the actual consumption of the LED's.

So it would be best to know how many and what type you use.

For example running 200 LED's at 18mA can be quite a bit of power needed.

For purple you could use red and blue LED's with a white cover strip over them.
Adjust the voltage to each color to match the purple you need.
If online buy or local depends on the amount and price you get, also on the quality you need.
For example a pack of 500 secand grade LED only costs you a few bucks on Ebay but you have to be prepared to adjust a few resistors so they all have the same brightness.
When using good quality LED's you don't have that problem but the 500 LED's could become quite costly - shopping around and price checking is highly recommended to find the best deal.

For the sand pattern I think the same way I use on metal should work just fine:
Make a negative decal of your pattern as a sticker and put it on the glass.
With a sandblaster and fine blasting agent (don't use sand as it is really bad for your lungs!) you can now "etch" the pattern into the glass.

The sticker is quite soft and the balsting stuff bounces off it - this requires to do some practice runs first so you know how close you can get before you damage the decal, distance depends on the blasting material, type of gun and pressure used so I can't make a direct recommendation here.

Be advised that for a sheet of glass it is best to do this on a flat surface behind the glass to prevent it from cracking, I simply use a little bit of double sided sticky tape to fix my things to a sheet of plywood.


Reply 5 years ago

It's only like a 4"x2"x0.5" piece of glass with eagle scout laser etching inside on a black base


Reply 5 years ago

Well, in this case keep it simple ;)

Grab a pack of 20 LED's cheap online, or take a mixed bag for the colors.


Reply 5 years ago

so I bought one, and the base is glass-like and glued on tightly. I'll need to craft a little box and paint it black