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good cheap microcontroller? Answered

does anybody know a good cheap microcontroller that has at least 5 outputs, programmable via usb, and a fast clock (1000 ticks/ second)



7 years ago

Arduino will cost you about 30& for a full USB interfaceable board. PICs are popular too, but I do not have enough experience to tell you of a good deal :)


Answer 7 years ago

I'm making a product that needs to be under 10$ so I'm looking for one 3$ or less


Answer 7 years ago

:\ kinda in a tough spot there...
Pics you can buy the programmer for them (I think about 40$) and then you can get the chips for about 1.50 each.
Same with arduino- you can get the board and the ATTINY hips (smaller, with six outputs I think) and then program them with the arduino. These chips cost around 1-2$ apeice...

What does this product do?

The Skinnerzcoleyy

Answer 7 years ago

In terms of just the microcontroller, you can get a PIC with a lot of features (ADC, timers, internal clock, direct LED drive) for under £1.50, but you will need to buy a programmer.

A new, fully assembled programmer can be bought for £20, but they are a number of even cheaper ones available available as kits.

It comes down to a question of scale: for a single project the Arduino can be cheaper and easier, but for repeat use, a PIC programmer is the far cheaper option.

coleyyThe Skinnerz

Answer 7 years ago

The clock actually only needs to be 144 ticks/ second, and needs to be able to be programmed without additional hardware