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guinea pig left alone while on holiday? Answered


i am getting a new guinea pig shortly, i have a lot of experience with them
over the Easter weekend, for four days, i will be camping up in the mountains and will have to leave it behind
as it will be roughly 7-8 weeks old, will it be OK left alone?
she will have a spot to hide in her cage and will have the company of a old guinea pig
my main two problems are
we have a young dog who stalks the guinea pig while its in its cage, and it may terrify them if i'm not around
two, the older guinea pig may attack the smaller one, like nip its ears, etc

my question, after all that is
buy the guinea pig now (holiday in two weeks)
or after the holiday
leaving it with some else or getting someone to drop in is not an option 


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Best Answer 9 years ago

I think it's prudent to wait until after the holiday before bringing your new GP home.

I'm sure you can manage the water and feed situation, but you can't manage, intervene or reliably predict the other animals' behavior while you're gone.

Besides, you'd probably worry yourself the whole camping trip and that would spoil the fun.

Hope this helps... have FUN on your camping trip, AAG!


9 years ago

If you really do have "a lot of experience" with guinea pigs, you should know that they need fed and watered every day.

You can get away with missing one day every so often, but leaving it alone for four days is neglect.

The same counts for the older guinea pig and the dog - if you cannot make provision for them to be fed and watered every day, then you should not go away, or you should not have the pets.


Answer 9 years ago

thank you for your post, kiteman

the guinea pig is outside in a run with a sheltered end, therefore it has access to water and food constantly :)

my schooling requires me and family (all six of us) to pack up and travel hundreds of kilometers to the school and spend four days twice a year

when this happens, we leave two dogs, a guinea pig (previously three), two cats, four fish and sixteen chickens, alone

we simply need to fill there water and food bowls when we leave (usually tuesday morning) and feed them again on our return Friday night)
as it is, our pets are quite accustomed to this rutine

thank you very much for answering this and bringing this matter to attention :) :) :)