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guitar tabbing HELP!!!!!? Answered

hey can anybody help me to understand that stupid guitar tabbing thing. im real blonde so dont waste youre time if you dont really get it. the thing i dont get the pictures and how to read it.



10 years ago

Try reading this tutorial or this short explanation.

Basically, the horizontal "dashed" lines represent guitar strings, and the numbers are fret locations. The strings are layed out upside down--the way you look at the neck when playing. So the low E string (which is upper-most when someone else looks at you) is on the bottom.

The six strings (high E at the top):

To play a G note (third fret) and then an A note (fifth fret), and then repeat, on the low E string:

Chords are all in-line vertically. Tab notation for a E major chord (fret "0" means open, unfretted string), followed by a G major chord:
(the 'x' means to mute, or don't play, that string.)

See the vertical dividing lines after the first chord? That's the closest tab gets to time signatures--it denotes a measure.

Unfortunately, tablature is really poor compared to music notation for time signatures, rhythm, keys, etc. But it's much easier to read, so it survives.

Good luck!

Answer 10 years ago

hey thanks that really helped. so thanking u lots that was greatly appreciated:)