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gyroscopic underwater camera stabalisation Answered

hi does anyone know if it possible to create a stabilisation platform to make a video camera point directly down all the time underwater. the ultimate goal is to attach one to the front of a Diver Propulsion Vehicle to map small sections of the sea floor. at the moment we planning to just have a guy being towed on a rope behind the main diver keeping the camera down Thanks for any advise Tom



10 years ago

Use buoyancy. If you tied a balloon (or similar) to the 'top' end of the camera it would always point down. You could still do this tethered to a platform , so long as the camera was able to move. L


Reply 10 years ago

it always a simple solution that solve a problem. my team was coming up with all sorts of complicated ideas. I don't know why I did think of it as I used the same system to build a self righting bipod Thanks