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hacking a tablet Answered

hey everyone.
I am shopping for a wacom tablet to use a stylus to ease photo editing, for which I use a macbook pro.

there are google tablets and other off brand tablets that have interactive screens for less than the wacom tablets. so, how could I get one of these devices to essentially do what the wacom tablet does, with all the benefits of the tablet itself- to aid my digital photography? It seems that it would be advantageous to just make use of the tablet (weather it be an ipad google tab or coby tablet) so I can plug my 50 d into it to display photos to people, instead of carrying around an irreplaceable macbook pro. And when Im editing at home, using a stylus to edit on the pad like you would with the plastic no screen wacoms. it seems you could set up as many hotkeys as you would want on the screen and  have the benefit of working accurately inside the photo, too.

if this is a feasible idea , please, tell me how to hack it! or make it work.
maybe have something that other photogs would use , too...

much respect to my community,




7 years ago

wacom tablets are pressure sensitive, with pressure from 512 for entry bamboo model to 1024 for later models, the later models also have tilt control too.
You wont get that from an ipad or android tablet.


7 years ago

The resolution and flexability of the wacom tablets are pretty unparalleled. That being said you could use google's appinventor to sync up with your computer through a macro program like autohotkey or something similar.