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hai my rc car receive the commands only when .........................................................? Answered

hai my rc car receive the commands only when the antenna of the transmitter touches that of the carpls help me to solve this ineed my car to go far?



8 years ago

Change the barrteries in both the controller and the car. If it still happens, take it back to the store that you got it from and see what they can do. The same thing happened to me a while back and it was the barrteries that helped. Make sure the batteries are all the same make and also if you are using rechargable batteries, try non-rechargable batteries. If you got it off the internet, check the instruction manual in the troubleshooting section. If you have any further questions, just reply to this answer and I should reply within the next 24 hours!
Hope this helped,
Flannel UK


Answer 8 years ago

+1. Sounds like weak batteries. It *MIGHT* be heavy RF noise in the area; try it in a different room or a different building or a different neighborhood. If those don't help, bring it back as defective.