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hard drive problem, AGAIN!! Answered

Hello, i accidentally dropped my ''serial ATA hard drive, and a plastic peace of the enclosure chipped off near the pins and will not let me plug it in my computer since it obviously will not work, all i get from the internet are ways of taking apart the entire thing, i need my hard drive in one peace and I'm in need of any help.

What can i do to fix it ?




9 years ago

When it broke some or all of the conections at the pins broke. The only way to fix it would be to resolder the pens to the board then read the drive and toss it. Even if you get it working again it probably will never be reliable.


Answer 8 years ago

actually i managed to connect it and it does spin up, but my computer or any other computer i put in on does not recognize it as a "drive letter" when i look for it on "my computer" section in my computer, i've been looking for any problems similar to mine online to see if anyone had had a similar problem, but i haven't found anything so far, so i can't even do data recovery because the first step would be getting any computer to recognize it. any suggestions ?