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has anyone built an above ground potato planter, with recycled materials? Answered

i saw one for sell a while back but it was expensive. (it didn't use recycled materials) after going through this site, i thought best to ask. I want to plant potatos, but i don't have too much space nor am i going to go to the community plot because when i'm gone for a week or so, i know my neighbors won't water my plants. so i was wondering if anyone has built an above ground potato planter that can be easily opened for havesting. my neighbors would water my plants in front of my apt. it couldn't be bigger than a 10 gallon pot, because if i have to tip it over to get the potatos out it might be too heavy for me. so i'm hoping that you much more intelligent people, because i get stupmped when i start thinking of things, can help a girl out. i'm hoping that you can do this out of recycled materials so that way i can slightly revise without buying much... ' starving students' is what i'm trying to not let my family be... so any help would be great.


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11 years ago

There are a lot of was to accomplish your goal, I have a neighbor that uses Rubbermaid type tubs with wholes cut in the bottom for drainage, just start with a few inches of dirt and every time the plants get 3 or 4 inches tall bury them to them till just one of two leave are sticking up, you could cover them in just about anything grass clipping, shredded paper, shredded plastic, shredded cardboard, I have used hay, dirt, peetmoss, straw, I may try one with shredded paper this year. you could use plastic bags to grow them in, if using cheap plastic bags I would triple or quadruple bag it. Just take a bag and role it up like a condom then put a few inches of dirt in the bottom (poke holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage) he has the plants grow unroll the bag to make it taller and add more dirt till the bag is as full as you want it to be. You could use a card board box, I would rap the box with string or tape, or home made rope(made by braiding strips of plastic wall mart bags there is an indestructible but as a chick I am sue you know how to braid) so that the box does not come apart after it gets wet. you could make a card board tube then rap rope, chicken wire or anything around it to hold it together, some people just make a ring of chicken wire and fill it with dirt. you could buy of make a bamboo or read type fence, just take a lot of reeds or strips of bamboo and weave them tgather with string, rope, ect.. so they are side by side them stand them up and form a tube out of them. fill it with dirt plant and raise the level of dirt as the potatoes grow. you can also use an old trash can (washed) or an old barrel with drainage holes cut in the bottom if you cut the whole bottom out then you would not need to dump it over just pick it up and the dirt and tators will fallout of the bottom.. I use big flower pots for mine 2.1 cubic feet or 15 gallon, they are bigger around at the top making them top heavy when full make it real easy to dump it over. If you cover your potato plants with straw, grass clipping or shredded paper the pot will not be heavy meaning you could pics it up quite easy. if you use bags or cardboard you could simply just cut it open, (do it over a tarp or old blanket to catch the dirt, we just did around in the pots and pull out potatoes as we want them. Sorry to ramble so much but you are really only limited to something that will hold 6-8 inces of dirt, and then another one to five feet of dirt or any other material that will keep sun off of the tubers. As for potato seed, all the websites say to only use certified seed potato, I have never had a problem using potatoes from the grocer store, if you are worried about growth inhibbiter being put on the potato just soak the potatoes in water for a few hows then rince them with clean water again. when you buy our tators for seed if you can buy potatoes that already have eyes growing on them it will speed things up for you, you can cut the potatoes into as many peaces as there are eyes you can even just cut out a little cone of potato were the eyes are and then eat the rest of the potato, then let the peaces with eyes sit in a sunny place for a few hours to heel. plant the potato eye side up and cover with a inch or two of dirt. then as the plants starts growing cover the plant up, when your container is full the plant will grow into a nice looking flowering plant. I have been growing them in containers for years, if you have any other questions on taters in containers post them here I would e glad to help, I like people that like to grow potatoes.