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has anyone successfully built a teslaturbine engine that runs on gasoline? any ideas? iim toying with the idea. Answered

my idea is to add injectors in a firring chamber . one air injector , one fuel injector , one spark plug.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Tesla turbines are supposed to work with flowing fluids - air or water passing through.

Maybe your version should have the fuel/air mixture detonated in a "cannon", aimed tangentially to the turbine? I think you'd end up with a hybrid turbine/pump;

  • Start the discs spinning by driving the shaft electrically - the device acts as a pump, drawing air in through a cylinder with a simple "flap" one-way valve at the far end.
  • Inject fuel into the air-stream and detonate it with a spark - the expanding gases force the valve shut, and push the discs, making the device act as a turbine. A short pause (during which the pump-action draws fresh air into the chamber), and another detonation gives the pump another kick.
  • Several detonation chambers could be spaced around the perimeter of the device, firing in sequence, so that some are driving the discs, whilst others are being flushed by the air drawn through.
  • This would create a fairly constant flow of expanding gases into the device, venting at the centre.

Instead of disconnecting the starter-motor, it could be left connected to act as a generator.

I would imagine that such a device would be very forgiving of the type of fuel used (simply adjusting spark-timings to ensure the correct fuel/air ratios), running on almost anything from wood-alcohol and gasoline, through kerosene and paraffin, all the way up to vegetable oil or molten fat.

10 years ago

What is your interest in this type of turbine? Have you an idea that no one has ever thought of doing this? L


Answer 10 years ago

I've been researching it for a while and my assembly is 78% complete. very soon it will be up and running even if it jst runs till my discs burn up. I would jst love to find out except for the obvious heat problem what other teething problems i face. my intrest in this is purely academic. And old uncle Tesla wasn't far off the mark when he dreamt up this idea. i will definately be doing a instructable when my project is finished.


Answer 10 years ago

That's sounding interesting, hope you get a good device out of it. L


10 years ago

As long as you can create a pressure it should work. It's going to be hot so your materials are going to be harder to work with.