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have a archer kit 28-2014a cannot get resistance to work. Answered

all resistors in r circuit are good but am not sure how selector switch works a good assembly instructions would help


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

Had trouble finding it with Google(r). BTW, Archer(r) is an old RadioShack(r) brand.

Moreover, I'm not sure if RadioShack(r)


actually supports any of their old products. Have heard/read rumors that company has gone bankrupt, or is going out of business.

Moreover, I wonder if you have misquoted the part number. I found a list with a bunch of 28- prefixes, here,


I dunno. I see two items in that list, maybe close to, resembling what you're describing,

28-4013A 20,000 Ohms-per-Volt VOM

28-4014 50,000 Ohms-per-Volt VOM

Or maybe you're thing actually has a different part number.

Feeding the phrase, "radioshack ohms-per-volt vom" into Google(r), looks like it is producing some meaningful results, particularly those URLs that start with "support.radioshack.com". You should try this. Here:


e.g. the one at top of the list



4 years ago

And proper info here would help us - or are we supposed to do all searches as well? ;)