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having a magnet near a USB drive wont hurt the drive will it? Answered

hi im gonna make a flash drive with an altoids tin for the case but with a few modifications.



Best Answer 10 years ago

A magnet will not harm a USB flash drive.

The data in a flash drive is stored as electric charges- pieces of metal are given either an excess or a deficiency of electrons. An unmoving magnetic field of any strength would not be able to affect these charges.

A moving magnetic field, however, can induce electrical currents in conductors. If you had a sufficiently powerful magnet and moved it rapidly enough, or had some other source of radio waves, you might manage to erase the data or even damage its circuits, but this is extremely unlikely to happen outside of an MRI machine or microwave oven. As you know, putting any sort of circuits in the microwave is, generally speaking, a bad idea.


10 years ago

A magnetic field such as from a magnet will not harm a USB drive. The data on the USB drive is held in the form of an electric charge which would only be affected by a very, very strong field (more than a magnet can produce). Magnets WILL damage a medium where the data is held magnetically, such as the surface of a hard drive or magnetic tape.


Answer 4 years ago

I had a 16GB pendrive which connected did not flash .either was recognized by EaseUS partition tool to repair it. .I tried to reactivate with some small magnets but with the strongest the round one of a microwave did work !!!!! and a surprise no change of datas in the pendrive ....


10 years ago

It won't harm your USB. Only Floppy disks will be.


10 years ago

It can erase your data or screw up your flash drive. It happened to me.