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help: LED dimming via light sensor Answered

i have been unsuccessful in finding a way to duplicate a "screen" with LED lights. where LEDs act like pixels.. whether a 10x10 layout or much more. and each of those LEDs have variable values of brightness. so thats the output... the input would ideally be video but i think im getting ahead of myself, so what about variable light sensors..

so if each sensor was attached to an LED, and if the sensor saw saw 50% brightness the LED would put out 50% brightness, dark sensor equals dark LED and bright light on the sensor meant bright output from the LED and as much in between as possible.

any thoughts, opinions or suggestions? thanks, john.


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8 years ago

You have to learn to control the brightness of an LED http://www.waitingforfriday.com/index.php/Controlling_LED_brightness_using_PWM
Is this a monochrome or if you want RGB, increases complexity a lot. You probably need some kind of microprocessor to translate the input signal to some sort of frame buffer to "paint" the screen. You can read up on the instructables that drive a simple alphanumeric display to get an idea of what is involved before you do a video feed. Charlieplexing and controlling a matrix of LEDs requires other programming and electronic circuit techniques. Good luck.