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help building a mobile juke box Answered

hi it would be cool to get some help and ideas with my project to build a mobile juke box,
the main part of this idea is that it needs to be low powered as a lot of the time there will be no electric supply, we like to have partys in fields and on the beach  so im thinking it will be better to have a 12 volt system that can run of leisure battery's
ive got two 120amp leisure battery's in my t4 van  and when thats not going to be available to use i have a spare 120 amp leisure battery
that i could put in the bottom of the jukebox but i have no idea at the moment of how long that would run the system.

im thinking the system would comprise of
car speakers
one 12 inch sub
one 10 inch sub
two or four 6 by 9 speakers
two or for 6 inch speakers
two tweeters
an amp or two to run everything

raspberry pi b+
about a 10 to 15 inch screen
some funky led lighting

i would love to have some juke box software for the retroness and it would make this easy for some of the less techy not sure if that possible on the raspberry pi?

one of the ideas ive had is, as well as having some basic controls (i dont want a full keyboard)  having some 'genre panic buttons' 
basically when everyones had enough of putting tunes on (too drunk!) you can hit a genre panic button and the juke box will play on its own, so far the only way i can think to do this is to have a harddrive with several partitions on with music pre installed into the own genres that the jukebox will shuffle and play when one of the buttons is hit, but i have no idea how to get the partition to play by hitting a button though.

any input or ideas to help me get my head around this would be fantastic :)



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