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help me convert my 4m tin can robot to solar using the cell/guts/battery from a lanscaping light Answered

my kids and i just assembled a 4m tincan robot. I took apart a lanscaping light and it has a little circuit board. i attached the +- from the old battery holder to the new battery holder and then took the leads that used to attach to the LED and connected it to the motor. i turned the switch to the robots battery holder on. i hoped that when i touched the two wires that used to be connected to the sunlight sensor, that the motor would start. This sensor used to tell the solar light to turn on when it got dark.

basically, i need to know how to charge the battery with solar and then be able to turn the robot on with a switch. do i just attach the cell to the the battery holder and put a switch between the battery and the motor? Thanks for reading. When i figure it out i'll post my first instructable!!



8 years ago

The switch right now is essentially that photo-sensor. Most work on a principle that when the thing is covered the resistance increases a lot. You can completely replace this with a switch. This way, when the switch is closed, there is no resistance and it's like daylight (off.) When you open the switch, the resistance is infinite and it's like night time (on.) So, it should be a simple matter of replacing the photo-sensor with a switch and the light with your motor. Can't be too sure, because the circuit wasn't made with a robot in mind... Haha.