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help me make an innovative thing? Answered

hai friends,
                  i want to create an innovative thing. i am having the components as listed below
1.12volt solar panel
2. Breadboard
3.5v voltage regulator
6.mobile display.
with th help of these what can i create. please give me some good ideas


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3 years ago

Making things is a process of:

a) solving a problem you see.

b) making something because you need to practice a skill.

c) making something another person has commissioned you to make.

Asking what can or should I make isn't sensible as your hiding much information we would need to offer help - and in the end what I think you should make will most likely not agree with when YOU think you would like to make.

1. solar Battery charger

2. Solar powered lighting system

3. solar powered robot

your mobile, (I assume you mean a phone), display is pretty much useless unless you have a microprocessor and driver software for it.

IF you now ask how do I make these things then I would suggest your basic skill set isn't yet good enough to proceed and you need to start with much simpler ideas.


3 years ago

Do you have a skill set ?

Then a few words beside Yes .............

You can click on mine.