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help me please . i beg Answered

hi i got this one from dealextreme. please some one help i know u answered few things but i don't know what u mean by setting the freequences there is a guide on instrutable site but thats for att/ other usa network settings there is no setting posted for fido/rogers network
http://www2.dealextreme.com:8080/details.dx/sku.4355 this is the link where i bought the cellphone blocker. and

https://www.instructables.com/id/Modifying-a-Cheap-Portable-Cellphone-Jammer/ this is the website that has the guide for this exact blocker how to tweak the settings but those settings are posted for usa carriers like att/ and other so thats where i need help. i hope some oen can help me here as i have heard there are lot of experts around this site who knows many things thanks.



10 years ago

I suggest you try the website source linked in the instructables, PLA. That's where the author found the original modding info...