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help my kinroad sahara has died how to i fix it? Answered

hi everyone ive got a 2006 kinroad sahara 250cc. i was driving it today and all of a sudden it misfired a couple of times and started dying on me. i pulled over to the side of the road and then the engine conked out. i got it home and put in a brand new spark plug and tried to start her up but it sounds as if theres no petrol getting to the engine the fuel filter is nice and clear but im out of ideas can anyone help me ???


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8 years ago

Blown head gasket, bum carburetor, if it has points they could be gone. timing way off, lots of possibilities. Trouble shooting an engine is a process of elimination. You need compression, spark at the right time and fuel at the right time. Go through each system and see which one is not working. I would start with a compression tester.