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help please? Answered

ok, so i have an old playstation 1(the thick one). i would like to turn the laser diode inside into a laser pointer. any kind of help you guys can give is highly appreciated?



Best Answer 8 years ago

you can...but there's no point.

It's an infrared laser, barely in the visible range, and it's focused to come to a point a few mm in front of the lens.


8 years ago

I think it would probably be cheaper/easier to go out and buy a laser pointer than to turn that into one. But if you want a suggestion (not sure it would work) you could put a strong focuser of some sort in front of it, boost the power, and maybe remove the focuser that's currently in it. As for the infared part, I don't know what to do, maybe just replace the light source. Sorry if this was no help, your welcome if it was, and if you try this and it doesn't work, then either put it back together the way it was before, or just buy a laser pointer, they can be quite cheap. Either way I am not responsible for your actions, if this doesn't work don't blame me, this is only a suggestion.