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help solve my black screen of death and sound loop? Answered

i need to know how to fix this, I get this black screen where my monitor goes into standby and the sound loops in certain games like UT3 but doesn't happen in games like L4D, my specs are Q6600, nvidia 9600 gso (768mb) and 3gig ram with vista premium so i can play the games do you know of any reasons why the screen and sound do what they do? and how do i fix it



10 years ago

that sound loop usually happens when there is not enough memory buffer - when it runs out of buffered space and loops. There can be a lot of reasons for this - too small a buffer, not enough memory bandwidth to update the buffer, or a bottleneck somewhere along the line. The likely cause of the bottleneck is the source of the data shutting down, or becoming unresponsive, like in a crash. THEN, the sound playing module keeps working, and keeps playing the buffered memory, which isnt being updated, and it keeps looping the sound. It's obviously a crash - Makes me think software, driver, hardware, or if it happens during games (high cpu/gpu intensive) - HEAT. Check to make sure you're not going over expected tolerances. Try removing unnecessary hardware and software, make sure you're running the latest drivers and game patches for your hardware. Try running the games on a lower resolution etc. 3gb is nice, but not 'awesome' for vista.


Answer 10 years ago

. I agree with frollard. Clean the fans, vents, and heatsinks (use dry, compressed "air") and then start looking into your drivers (probably easiest just to uninstall and then re-install). Make sure all your patches/updates are up-to-date (should be able to find them at the vendors' web sites).