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help understanding this switch Answered

hi im trying to salvage a dvd drive for a project im working on but i dont seem to be able to replicate how the switch works

i can get the drive to open an by applying 5v to the + and - and then reversing the polarity to close the dive but the motor will continuously run until the power is disconnected 

so i guess this is where the switch comes in, excuse the picture!

i assume that when the momentary button is pressed the switch moves to stage 3 and  allows power to the motor until the switch reaches the next stage where power is then cut off,
when the momentary button is pressed again the switch moves back to stage 3  which swaps the polarity and again allows power through,
and that cycle carries on each time the momentary button is pressed.

stage 1 the dvd drive is closed the swith stays in this position
stage 2 the dvd drive is open the swith stays in this position
stage 3 the dvd drive is either opening or closing the switch moves to this position when the motor is in use 

i have a 5v power supply how would  i wire it up to get it to work properly?
it seems like it should be easy enough but either im missing something or im just not getting my head around it properly,



4 years ago

the motor works fine its the switch cant figure out

this is the switch


Reply 4 years ago

That's the limit switch to tell the controller board if the tray is in or out so it can change direction of the motor. I guess you are using the tray motor then.


4 years ago

can you get a photo of switch? if it is tin, a magnifying glass can help with closeups.


4 years ago

Is that 3 stage switch a part you found on the DVD drive? If that is the main motor that you scavenged, it should be a stepper type motor or a brushless type motor. You need a microcontroller like an arduino or circuit to drive the motor. You can look up "reuse CDROM motor" or "reuse DVD motor" for ways of controlling the motor. Good luck.