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help wanted developing cool fidget jewelry Answered

I have had an idea for creating cool non childish fidget toys as jewelry.

My real idea is to create something which could use an ir sensor to pick up someones pulse and then play it back to them through a vibration motor.. (its similar to baby's reacting to there mothers heart beats in the womb an has a massively calming effect on most people,,, to the point where build a bare workshops has the option to include a beating heart)  

I submitted the idea to Quirky but it wasn't taken on for one of there projects.. I think it still has legs an could be a commercial success. being there's already a bit of interest from educators who has seen research pointing to fiddle toys as being the best thing since the carbon atom arranged itself into cool new shapes.

There are a few other alternatives which could be developed.. an i think it would be awesome to develop a whole range of these things an see them in jewelry shops looking like ailion artifacts with documents about how they can help you.. 

I think everything about it should be play with able , so magnets textures ect ect 

Here is the initial idea 


People fidget,,

A lot of people fidget.
A lot of the time..

They fidget during presentations, on commutes, whilst thinking of ideas and whilst being productive on the internet.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Fidgeting helps people to be who they are. They wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t a good reason for it.

From what I understand different parts of the brain are responsible for different things. And some of them are associated with each other.

Interestingly for most people learning is enhanced when there doing something. Much more of the brain becomes active when any movement is involved. Retention of information becomes greater and creativity is increased as the parts of the brain associated with these things become active.

I did some independent research on the strength of the book (Fidget to focus) when I did my teacher training, And found that though I didn't have a class full of what some would deem the unteachable I did have a class full of tappers, twiddles and shakers.

When I gave them all the option to utilise just a simple shaped piece of wood, and the permit ion to fiddle with it during session they loved it. The feedback I got from the use of the wooden shapes was terrific. With 8 of the 15 students “forgetting” to give the shapes back at the end of the session. And the class being more engaged during the session.
The Solution

I aim to develop a range of warble fiddle toys primarily as jewellery.

Jewellery is now gender neutral,
A fiddle toy worn around the neck would allow for an easy accessibility in comparison to being fixed to an item of clothing.
Jewellery can allow for a range of shapes to suet different people and allow for a shape or shapes ideal for those wanting to play.

So far I have made a shape and seen that people like to play with it.
I think the minimum next step would be to make this shape in different materials to give different textures weights and looks.

But what I would really love to do would be to introduce all sorts of awesome new functions into the fiddle toy jewellery.

I would love to include a number of different haptic responses potentially echoing the users pulse. This has been shown to calm infants simulating a factor present in the womb I know the sound of a heart beat is known to relax most people and has been included into calming music I suspect the same as a tactile would be just as calming helping someone to come from an elevated heart rate to a calmer one in a sympathetic match. Or starting off strong and diminishing from its trigger.

Iterations could include a variable trigger like an old school stress relief toy. Magnets with a ruggedized coating to avoid clicking, tracking a whole host of things which could be useful in giving the user the best tools for understanding when they fiddle and why.


For the Quirky proposal which is pretty much exactly what is above https://www.quirky.com/invent/1603684/action/vote/query/view=trending&categories=all



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5 years ago

My two-penn'th;

I wouldn't like a haptic feedback of my own pulse - it could be distracting, or even a source of panic as it rises, which would make it rise more. But that's just me.

Fidget jewelry already exists, except we just call it "jewelry". Watch people around you, see how many twist their rings or slide a pendant along its chain.

Items designed to be fiddle with are a great idea, but I'm unsure about the usefulness of them being responsive in any way at all, let alone electronic. What happens when the battery fails? Have to seem the gear ring? Something to mindlessly twiddle with, rather than to be aware of it monitoring you...

My personal favourite fiddle-thing is something I have heard called a thought stone, although they are often wooden or metal. It's a flat oval shape, maybe 3-4 inches long, an inch or so wide, only a quarter to half an inch thick, with a shallow dimple in one side. You hold it in your hand, and rub your thumb in the dimple. With weeks of use it changes shape slightly, gets coloured by use, and becomes a great comfort to keep in the pocket.