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help wanted for nerf recon problems? Answered

i pulled apart my nerf recon to mod it but i found that there was nothing i could do. then everything started falling out of it. i tryed my best to put it back together. when i finally put it back together and put the screws back in i discovered that it was very hard to reload. whne i managed to reload it i foun out that it made a strange noise. please help


mr awesome



Best Answer 8 years ago

This video shows you how to mod it, including disassembling and assembly. Hope this helps.

shadow wave riderjacobdlyon

Answer 8 years ago

i pulled apart my recon apart the night i published this because i was a bit inpatient of waiting for an answer. it turns out that there was a srew jammed in the slt where the reload thing was. i pulled the screw out and put it back together and it worked fine. good video though. thanks